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Sewage & wastewater treatment and management

Environmental policy

Our entire business depends on environmental responsibility for the safe and appropriate management of sewage and wastewater.

We work closely with the Environment Agency and British Water and rigorously adhere to all applicable guidelines on every job on which we work. In some cases, we even go beyond the guidelines to ensure the most environmentally responsible approach.

The quality of the plant and solutions we provide are a key part of our environmental responsibility, not only because the effectiveness of a sewage / wastewater system is directly affected by the quality of the plant installed, but also because the failure of a plant or need to dispose of non-functioning plant has a serious environmental impact.

In addition to environmental responsibility on site, we also work to protect the environment in all areas of our business, including:

  • Using recycled materials wherever possible
  • Properly recycling every business by-product, including redundant equipment
  • Only using paper from sustainable forests
  • Communicating electronically wherever possible
  • Being as efficient as we can with transport and travel arrangements
  • Trying to minimise our carbon footprint

As well as doing everything we can as a business, we will not work with any company that we deem to have an unacceptable environmental policy.