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Sewage & wastewater treatment and management


As a company, we are proud of the way in which we operate, something which is reflected in the quality and length of our relationships with both private individuals and companies, many of which go back for over a decade.

Our approach is clearly expressed in our mission statement and our corporate values, below. For more information on the way we do business, please visit:


Mission statement

Our mission is to deliver our customers the most efficient and environmentally friendly sewage and wastewater treatment systems at the best possible price.


1. Responsiveness 

Sewage and wastewater management is high priority for all our customers. Whether it be standard maintenance or emergency call outs and repairs, we endeavour to respond as quickly and effectively as possible.

2. Value 

To retain clients and develop long term relationships, it is essential to offer really good value for money. As well as being a sound business principle, it is also the way we want to work, i.e. to treat people well. For example, if we are called out to a breakdown and your plant also needs a service, then we will do it at the same time to help save you money. We consistently review our prices to be sure that we are offering good value on everything we do, from installation to ongoing maintenance and if you find anyone offering the same service for less, we will beat or match their price. For specific prices, please call 01296 614412 or email enquiries@estsonline.co.uk 

3. Quality 

We are acutely aware than any compromise on the quality of service we offer, the quality of the work we do and the quality of the products we use and recommend has serious implications. We do a lot of diagnostic work for utility management companies and insurance companies and are often faced with significant problems that have been caused by completely sub-standard workmanship. Quality is critical and also extends to the quality of the thinking we put into our work, as we always try to come up with the best possible long term solution.

4. Accuracy 

One of the best ways to deliver quality is to focus on accuracy. Accuracy of what we think, say and do, as well as the accuracy of quotes, timing plans and deliverables which are so important to our customers.

5. Responsibility 

We never forget our responsibility to our customers, to the general public, to our staff and to the environment, when it comes to the quality, reliability and safety of everything we install and maintain and everything we do.

6. Knowledge 

Our business depends on our expertise. An intimate knowledge of all sewage and wastewater management products, treatments and practices is vital to giving the best possible service to our customers, and thereby to our success. Such understanding also applies to new products and new ways of managing sewage and wastewater. We actively work to stay abreast of all new developments in the industry.