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Sewage & wastewater treatment and management

Linford - Buckinghamshire

Installation of Klargester BB BioDisc 

When the Environment Agency realised that a septic tank at this property in Linford Buckinghamshire was discharging directly into a river, they immediately insisted on action to address the situation. The company that emptied the tank advised the property owner to contact ESTS.

Upon inspection, ESTS recommended that a proper treatment plant was required along with new drainage both from the property to the tank and from the tank to the watercourse.

As a result, ESTS was commissioned to install a new Klargester BB BioDisc with a proper sample chamber and an outlet discharging into the river, and also to lay over 150 metres of new inlet drain.

The work was completed swiftly and successfully, ESTS paying particular attention to the careful reinstatement of the lawn at this extremely attractive property.