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Insurance claims

The cost of repairing or replacing an off-mains drainage system can be considerable and frequently an unpleasant surprise. However, if the problem is not simply a result of wear and tear, you may well be covered by your home insurance.

Buildings insurance policies normally cover damage to domestic sewage treatment plants, septic tanks, cesspits and soakaways, so if you have a problem, it is well worth checking your cover. 

Unfortunately, making a successful claim isn’t always easy, mainly because most drainage systems are underground and the claim requires a very accurate explanation of exactly what has caused the problem, presented in such a way that it can be fairly assessed by the insurer rather than being rejected. 

Free onsite inspection – 01296 397000

If you have a problem with your off-mains drainage system, we offer a free onsite inspection, at which we will assess the nature of the problem and advise you on all aspects of an insurance claim. You can then make the claim yourself, or ask us to help you do so. There is no charge for this service and we receive no money from any party for helping you file an insurance claim. 

The potential reward for ESTS is being commissioned to carry out whatever work is required.  We do this at extremely competitive rates, so much so that we are often called in by insurance companies to evaluate claims ahead of work taking place, as well as carry out works required. If we help a customer make a claim that is subsequently accepted and allocated to a different company to complete the necessary work, that’s life!

If you would like to discuss a claim or potential claim, or would like a proper inspection, please call 01296 397000 and we will do everything we can to help.