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Rejected claims

If you are covered on your buildings insurance and have tried to make a claim that has been rejected, don’t automatically assume that the claim was not valid or that it won’t be accepted if the matter is pursued.

Off mains drainage is a specialist area and there can easily be pitfalls in presenting an insurance claim. We frequently help people that have had a claim rejected, by ensuring that the insurer is provided with a proper report and then explaining the detail of the situation either by phone, or usually face to face with an assessor onsite. 

Sometimes the reason a claim is rejected is inexperience on the part of the claims handler; in other cases it is the way it has been described (never forget that the insurance company has a series of boxes they need to tick in order to be able to accept a claim) and sometimes it is simply the lack of information. Such problems are fairly easily addressed.

Slightly tricker are situations when it effectively comes down to judgment, especially when loss adjusters are naturally trying to accept as few claims as possible. In such a position, it is very difficult for a non-expert to present things as clearly and strongly as they sometimes need to be presented for an assessor to accept the nature of the damage and the validity of the claim.

It is also very helpful to have a specialist involved when the discussion moves to what works may be required to remedy the situation, with the associated legal and environmental requirements, of which a close understanding is essential. 

Whilst many claims can be put back on track fairly easily, we also have plenty of experience in following formal complaints procedures to achieve the correct result.

Free onsite inspection – 01296 397000

If you have had a claim rejected, we offer a free onsite inspection to evaluate the situation and will then advise you on the chances of being able to successfully challenge the initial decision your insurer has made. For more information, call 01296 397000.