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Sewage & wastewater treatment and management

Cheltenham - Gloucestershire

Installation of new Klargester primary balance tank

When a pub in Cockleford, near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire had problems with their wastewater and sewage system, they called a national drainage solutions company in to help.

This company quickly realised the problem wasn’t straightforward and asked ESTS to get involved.  

An inspection revealed that the Klargester BioDisc was undersized, but that the reason it was failing was due to the lack of regulation of flow being delivered to it. (Flow regulation is important for businesses like pubs and restaurants with peak times for wastewater and sewage.)

There were also problems with both septic tanks from which the flow was coming, as one had collapsed internally and the other was gradually sliding down a steep bank.

The solution was to empty and fill in the old septic tanks with concrete, to lay proper drainage pipes down the hill past the old septic tanks and to install a Made To Order Klargester Primary Balance Tank to regulate the flow of effluent into the Klargester BioDisc treatment plant to stem the peak flows. 

Despite the treatment plant being undersize, regulating the flow saved the treatment plant and avoided the significant cost of a new treatment plant).